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Become an Ambassador Today

The Harmony Foundation needs ambassadors for the Arts Initiative Program. The Harmony Foundation is an organization dedicated to serving students with special needs. An integral part of the foundation is our ambassador program. We invite ambassadors to start their own service project to share their passion. While participating in our program, you will earn volunteer hours and excellent mentorship.

Please contact us today to become an ambassador

Current Ambassadors

Mountain House

Gregory Abraham


Alana Kora


San Jose

Jacob Thomas

Suwon, South Korea

Dharshwana M.

San Jose

Natasha Cordova-diba

San Jose

Vihaan Patel

What can you do as an ambassador?

1. Start your own project

All ambassadors will receive the opportunity to conduct their own projects. Ambassadors can hold an art class for special needs students, collect materials and donate to a local school, gather individuals to volunteer at a special needs group home etc. Ambassadors can carry out projects from start to finish. This opportunity will give ambassadors the chance to enhance their project management skills. The Harmony Foundation really encourages ambassadors to start their own projects!

2. Manage Project Budget

Ambassadors will create and follow budget sheets for projects that take place in The Harmony Foundation. This is a task that many do not complete in skill. This accounting skill will help ambassadors when they continue their careers. 


3. Gain Marketing Skills and Develop PR relations

Ambassadors will be asked to manage FB and Instagram accounts. Ambassadors will be asked to bring in a set quarterly goal of donations for ongoing projects. Ambassadors will spread awareness for our mission. Ambassadors will also be asked to find places to serve, which means they will have to call places. This will help develop PR relations and marketing skills.


4. Create and Edit Lesson Plans

Creating and editing lesson plans for special needs students is a difficult task. Ambassadors will be asked to search the web for fun yet challenging activities for students. This particular activity helps ambassadors develop goal building skills. In each lesson, ambassadors will need to come up with goals for students. Creating goals for students will help ambassadors set goals for their own life endeavours.


5. Receive Volunteer Hours

For every hour of work you complete for The Harmony Foundation, you will be required to log in your time-sheet and receive hours to log for school and colleges. 

If you would like to be an ambassador please contact Hannah Thomas at

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