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Donate Now

Thank you for donating to the arts initiative program. 

Please donate to our GoFundMe Page to support the foundation's project. We are currently working on our art kit project.


You can donate by buying needed products that can be found in the gallery. If you tap on products, you will be able to find Amazon product links. Please have the product shipped to our warehouse at 5876 Assisi Ct, San Jose, CA, 95138. . 


Once you have purchased your product or have found a product you would like to donate please fill out the donation details form. After filling out the survey, the foundation will contact you regarding shipping details. 

Currently, we are not shipping any materials due to the CoVid season. Once CoVid season wears down, we will start shipping. We are currently only partnered with Blossom Valley School of Angels in Kerala, India. 

If you have questions about payment methods or logistics please contact us at

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