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The Arts Initiative

In this program, teachers and parents will be able to find art project lesson plans that cater towards to needs of children who have special needs. These lesson plans are made with careful objectives in mind to unleash artistic abilities.

Teachers have reported feeling over joyful when they see how art can connect with students differently than books and paper. Students are also able to connect with the left side of their brain to be able to develop through their artistic abilities. 

Kids Painting

The Founder

 I am a high school senior with a passion to help those in need. I started this program as a high school freshman hoping to connect with students and help them flourish artistically.


From a young age, I watched special need students in the classroom feeling delighted while completing art projects. As an art lover, I would love to bring art education to special need students. When I was a little older, I decided to better help my society by creating easy access art projects for special need students to complete. Through this foundation, I am able to create activities to help bring a smile on the faces of special needs students. 

I would love the community's support by contributing art activities, volunteering, and funding the program. 


Hannah Thomas, Founder

The Harmony Foundation

The Harmony Foundation was established in 2020 to support the community. Leaders create community projects to benefit different aspects to society. The foundation kicked off its first project-The Arts Initiative to better support the autistic community. 

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