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Art Kits and Art Studio

Total # of Kits Donated: 515

Alana's Art Studio

 Art Kits for Students with Special Needs

Alana Kora is a freshman at Alison Montessori. She has a passion for art and a heart of service. 

She publishes videos and lessons plans every month for themed art projects for special needs children. 

If you have any questions about particular lesson plans please contact Alana Kora at 408-831-2205 or

Visit her youtube channel 


This project is aiming to help 500 special needs students in the Santa Clara, San Joaquin and Alameda County during Covid-19. The foundation is planning to create little kits for students with art activities to enhance students' sensory and motor skills. 


The kits will include: 

-set of pencils

-set of color pencils

-set of crayons

-an adaptive scissor 

-an eraser

-a pencil grip

-a blank art notebook

-a little tote bag


Please help the foundation by donating to our GoFundMe Page. Each kit costs around ten dollars. Please consider this in your holiday giving funds.

Please help the foundation by purchasing these items and shipping them to 5876 Assisi Ct, San Jose, CA, 95138. Please visit the Amazon Wish List to purchase items for the kit.


After you have purchased items on the Amazon Wish List, please fill out the donation details form. 

If you have any questions about the project or donating please contact the foundation at 408-831-2205 or email

If you need art materials for your students, please submit an order form and the foundation will contact you and ship materials.

Project Updates!

April 24th: Donated 8 kits to the Saratoga Federated Church.

April 29th: Donated 40 kits to Santa Clara County Office of Education.

May 8th: Donated 15 kits to WestGate Church Saratoga Campus

May 11th: Donated 15 kits to Family Supportive Housing.

June 3rd: Donated 25 kits to Gilroy Unified School District

December 15th: 15 kits to PACE

December 20th: 20 kits to SRVUSD

July 3rd: 20 kits to OSF

August 3rd: 35 kits to Wings Learning Center

In Partnership with EdTheory, The Harmony Foundation donated 325 kits. 

Currently we have donated to:

July 12th: 35 kits to Mendota Unified School District

July 20th: 50 kits to Menlo Church

July 20th: 30 kits to Pleasanton Unified School District

November 11th: 200 kits to underserved populations in California.

Private Kits Donated to Families: 4

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